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Corporate culture

Corporate culture and technology both contribute to the development of company.  Sticking to the value of “working with high responsibility and keeping rolling till perfect”, we pursue the green, efficient technology to achieve the sustainable development goals.

There is an old Chinese saying: Neither riches nor honors can corrupt him; neither poverty nor humbleness can make him swerve from principle; and neither threats nor forces can subdue him. These characteristics constitute the great man. Notions affect the way we choose and Xiangyuan sets the “we run our business to serve the society and make contribution to our country” as our core organizational values which strives Xiangyuan to grow for the past decades. Specifically, what constitutes the corporate culture is:

Corporate spirit

Keep striving for excellence

Management concepts

Self-discipline, responsibility, integrity, diligence, fair


Company develops to serve the society and make a contribution to our country

Notion of service

Customer oriented, meet and beyond the expectation of customer

Objective of product

Based on decades of dedicated research, we are committed to provide customers worldwide with top quality products with fair price and high-level service, and become one responsible PU chain extender supplier.


Flavoring agents in PU elastomer, helping make life better

Working style

Tenacity, hardworking, persistence