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Scientific research carrier

Science and technology are the primary productive forces, and technological leadership and technological innovation are the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises. Technology is the core of productivity and economic development, innovation is the source power to promote the continuous progress of technology. Only adhering to independent innovation, enterprises can continue to develop and advance, from the industry to the domestic, from the domestic to the international, by virtue of the best quality products to really win the world, so that “Xiangyuan” brand products are famous at home and abroad.

--- Zhou Jian, the President of Xiangyuan New Materials

The company has always been adhering to the "market-oriented, customer demands as the standard, continuously exceed customer expectations" business philosophy, constantly deepening with the domestic many institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutes in manufacture-learning-research cooperation, constantly promoting the practical transformation of independent intellectual property and technology. The company always insists to invest at least 4% of sales revenue in products’ research and development every year, and has successively built the following research carriers:

  • China PU Industry Association (Suzhou) Elastomer R & D Center
  • The Engineering Technology Center of China PU industry chain extender(JiangSu XiangYuan)
  • National Level Enterprise Postdoctoral Research Station
  • Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Academician Working Station
  • Jiangsu Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center(JiangSu XiangYuan)
  • Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center(JiangSu XiangYuan)
  • Jiangsu Xiangyuan R&D Center
  • Jiangsu Engineering Research Center of new polyurethane chain extender(JiangSu XiangYuan)
  • Suzhou Key Laboratory
  • Suzhou Engineering Technology Research Center
  • Suzhou Xiangyuan R&D Center
  • Suzhou Enterprise Technology Center
  • Nantong Engineering Technology Research Center of polyurethane chain extender(JiangSu XiangYuan)

Through continuously research and innovation, Suzhou Xiangyuan New Materials Co., LTD and Jiangsu Xiangyuan Chemical Co., LTD. have developed the four series of 23 polyurethane chain extenders for different application and systems, and have obtained 76 products’ technical invention patents, the products have high technology contents, and their indicators have reached the international advanced level. With stable and reliable quality, on the basis of providing high-quality services for downstream enterprises at home and abroad, the company fully shows the vigorous developmental elegant demeanor of China PU industry on the road of green development to the world.