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Establishing and constantly refreshing the concepts of HSE management system. Based on the experience, abandoning those inappropriate, non-sustainable development concepts and adopting the scientific management notions that meets what the time calls for, we properly integrate safety, health and environment protection in establishing the HSE management system. Specifically, the key principles of HSE management are:

People oriented

Adhering to the business philosophy of respecting people and relying on people. People are our most important asset, life is precious and we can only have it once, respecting people means we make sure employees can have a safe and healthy working site. Promoting occupational safety and health is the shared responsibility between management and staff.  Workers’ safe and health are always taken into consider when decisions are made. Relying on people means all members are accountable for one’s safety and the safety of others. It calls for the full-time participation of all members and everyone should be committed to take positive actions in operations.


In the production, entity often have to balance the relations between safety and production, safety and benefit, long-term and short-term interest, if these conflicts can keep a proper balance, then the entity develops towards a better and healthier future, if the balance is broken often, the normal operation may suffer. We believe nothing is more important than safety, not production, not sales, not profits. Experience shows that a successful safety organization produces the right quality goods at minimum costs. We put safety first and properly deal with these contradictions.

Focusing on the prevention of accidents

Based on the nature of accidents, we focus on the prevention of accidents and believe all accidents are preventable. We advocate the culture of “zero injuries, disease and defects”. Understanding the nature of absolute risk and relative safe, we identify all the hazards and evaluate the risks associated with the hazards and manage these risks to a level that is deemed “as low as reasonably practicable”.  we take every possible action to prevent the accident from happening and put the concern for people into practice, not just rescue the people who are injured in the accident.

Refreshing thinking is just the first step of HSE management, we establish the principles of HSE management which includes: people-oriented, safety first, focusing on the prevention of accidents and determine to get the HSE management implemented, fulfilling the social responsibility and creating a true safe and healthy working site for all members.